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The ultimate guide to people how to extend Canada student, work, visitor and other temporary residency visa within Canada.


Plan your visa application in well advance. Do not leave it for last minute. Prioritize your tasks. 


Preparing right documents for visa application is very vital. You should have your all documents in order. 


Take help. Free resource and tutorials available online for Canada visa extension.


If you still need guidance take help from online tools. Search and research on online to understand the process. 

Professional help

You also have the choice to take professional legal help from licensed immigration lawyers. 


All set! Time to apply for visa. Check out IRCC website how to apply and the requirements. 

Simple ways to apply Canada Visa – no rocket science

Extending your stay in Canada typically involves extending your visa or permit. If you’re in Canada on a student visa and would like to stay longer to complete the course of study orand wish to extend your stay for further studies or other purposes, you would generally apply to extend your study permit.

Blogs and News

How to avoid Canada visa refusal?

How to avoid Canada visa refusal?

Avoiding a Canada visa refusal involves thorough preparation and ensuring that you meet all the requirements and criteria for the visa you're applying for. Whether you apply for a visitor visa, student, or any other kind of visa extension, you should always prepare...

Top 5 successful Canada visa application tips

Top 5 successful Canada visa application tips

Everyone expect to have their visa application to be successful. It's a process to arrange necessary information and documentation for a successful Canada visa application. In order to be prepare a complete visa application you should follow some ground rules....

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Canada Visa Extension

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