International students in Canada must often extend their study permit to complete their degree. If you are an overseas student planning to extend your academic journey, you may need to extend your study permit. You must apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for a study permit extension.

In most cases, you need to apply for the extension in advance. We advise applying at least ninety (90) days before your present study permit. This will avoid reducing significant waiting times for your visa or study permit extension. IRCC handles millions of applications globally, so ensure you are well-advanced to start your process.

What do you need to extend your study permit/visa inside Canada?

Considering you are extending your current study permit to complete the remaining of your degree. The following are essential before you proceed with an extension

  • Your educational institute is a DLI-listed
  •  You have a valid Letter of Acceptance
  •  You must have an enrolment letter
  •  Up to dated Official transcript (if you are requesting to extend your current degree)
  •  Proof of tuition fee receipt
  •  Financial bank statement to prove your living expenses (at least three months of living expenses)
  •  A visa or cover letter stating the purpose of the extension

These documents are prevalent requirements for Canada study permit extension. A case worker or visa officer may request additional documents.

Canada visa extension

When should I apply for a study permit extension?

It is essential that you complete your degree within your original timeframe so that you do not need to go through this extra procedure of extension. However, things often do not go our way, so exceptional circumstances may arise, and you need an extension.

The IRCC guidelines say to apply for at least thirty days before your current permit expiry dates. But we strongly advise you to apply at least 90 days ahead so that you can plan accordingly.

How long it takes to extend a student visa inside Canada?

Canada visa extension processing times is a ubiquitous question asked by many. The actual time frame for study permit extension does vary on many factors such as 

  • Complete application 
  • Necessary documents
  • If additional documents requests
  • IRCC internal backlogs, etc.

The usual student permit takes about 4-8 weeks inside Canada, but this is never granted. If you submit a complete application with all required documents, it should be in a standard timeframe. Otherwise, it may take longer for complicated cases. 

How do I apply to IRCC?

For any immigration applications, you should apply online, which is faster than paper-based. Go to the IRCC website and check if you qualify for a study permit application using a GC-Key account. You can even find hundreds of free tutorials on YouTube about the online application process. 

In most cases, we do not recommend taking help from immigration advisors because of extra expenses. Still, consider taking help from an IRCC-authorised or regulated licensed practitioner. The study permit extension is straightforward, but you may still need help sometimes. In that case, you may take assistance from your college/university immigration advisors. Immigration advisors from your college/university provide free information or support with your visa application. 

However, the college/university immigration advisors may not always be free or available for immediate service. Call student services to book an advance appointment to discuss your options.