Everyone expect to have their visa application to be successful. It’s a process to arrange necessary information and documentation for a successful Canada visa application. In order to be prepare a complete visa application you should follow some ground rules. Different visa application and different requirements. For any successful application you need to satisfy the visa officer with the accurate information and documents required by the visa category.

In this article we will discuss general visa application process. How to prepare for a successful visa application in general!

The very first process is to determine your eligibility. Check the IRCC website using their eligibility tool if you qualify for the type of visa application you are planning to begin.

Select visa category and check eligibility

There’s several type of visa application you can process. Based on your needs start preparing your visitor, work or student visa. For any type of visa one common ground is checking eligibility.

The Canadian government have set of basic eligibility rules of all visa.

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Fill out the application form

This is a very important part of any visa application. Filling out the application form properly is mandatory requirements. On many occasions applicant make mistakes on their visa application form. As a result the application was denied by the visa officer.

Understand the visa application forms

A common mistake for students is understanding the visa application forms well. You should read the visa forms with enough time to understand each requirement. Presenting correct information may help your application.